BYC Camping Trip 2017 The Apostle Islands

Aug 15 2017

BYC Camping Trip 2017 The Apostle Islands

Each year the BYC direct service program takes a group of students on a camping trip as part of our summer program. This year we took a group of 20 students to the Apostle Islands in Bayfield Wisconsin. This trip included taking sea kayaks out on to Lake Surperior, cookouts, hiking, sleeping in tents, and swimming. For many of our students this was their first experience camping.

This trip included a number of challenges, one of which being the unpredictable weather near Lake Surperior, but the largest challenge for our students was what was called “tip” test which is a safety test you must complete before kayaking. A “tip” test is purposefully flipping your kayak and releasing the spray skirt while underwater so you can then leave the kayak and return to the surface. Not only was this something that was scary for many of our youth who are not comfortable in water but it was only 58 degrees outside at the time of the test, and the water wasn’t much warmer. Although this presented a challenge to our group, our youth overcame this challenge and had an amazing time on our trip to the Apostle Islands! Our staff was so proud of this group and all they accomplished this summer!


Watch the “tip” test here!

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