About BYC

The Burnsville Youth Collaborative (BYC) exists to provide leadership for local organizations to partner with young people to develop, empower, and prepare them for success.

The Burnsville Youth Collaborative has created a direct service to students through an afterschool program at Nicollet Junior High. This program was highly successful in its first year and served over 100 students at Nicollet alone. BYC programming will be expanding to two more junior highs this fall (Metcalf and Eagle Ridge).  Pictured below are examples of activities that students participated in at our programming in 2014-2015.

Another aspect of the Burnsville Youth Collaborative is the Youth Advisory Board, a group of students from our community who have been chosen to help our leadership team create and develop programs that best serve the youth of our community.

As we move forward as a collaborative organization we strive to create a city-wide system for leadership development and cultural proficiency for organizations who provide services for youth.